The Garrigal people originally inhabited West Head, which is home to one of the largest known concentrations of recorded Aboriginal sites in Australia. The Basin & Mackerel Trail, America Bay Track and Topham Hill are some areas with significant Aboriginal engraving sites.

A ritual Aboriginal site near the America Bay Track, which features a large Daramulan (ancestral hero)
An unusual engraving depicting a man striking a wallaby, on a small platform above a waterfall
A giant kangaroo and mundoe (and nearby shield), probably of mythological importance
A short detour off the America Bay Track reveals some fascinating Aboriginal rock engravings, including a large whale
An Aboriginal engraving site below the America Bay Track, which may represent a fishing scene.
Aboriginal engravings of an eel and boomerang, below the America Bay Track (West Head)
An Aboriginal engraving of a fish below the Bairne Track at West Head
Aboriginal engraving near Bairne Trig (West Head) with figures incuding a man or woman, and a koala.
A potentially significant site near the Bairne Trig, which has figures of men and women, an unusual shield and what may be a stone arrangement.
Five mundoes near the Bairne Trig (West Head)
The Basin Aboriginal Site is a significant, signposted rock engraving site along the Basin Track. It has 53 figures, and interpretative signage.
A small Aboriginal engraving site near the start of the Basin Trail, with a single fish
Faint hand stencils in a low rock shelter above the Euro Track.
A small Aboriginal engraving site near the start of the Basin Trail, with a single eel
A shark, two eels and large fish (originally thought to be a koala) on a rock platform in a valley above The Basin