Fred McCarthy documented an enormous number of sites across Sydney, and further north (36 parishes in total). His Catalogue of Rock Engravings spans two volumes and over 1200 pages, and includes the recordings of Campbell and Sim, as well as his own sites.

  • National Park

A ritual Aboriginal site near the America Bay Track, which features a large Daramulan (ancestral hero)
An unusual engraving depicting a man striking a wallaby, on a small platform above a waterfall
A giant kangaroo and mundoe (and nearby shield), probably of mythological importance
A short detour off the America Bay Track reveals some fascinating Aboriginal rock engravings, including a large whale
An Aboriginal engraving site below the America Bay Track, which may represent a fishing scene.
An Aboriginal engraving site in Maroota depicting a kangaroo hunt, the figures include a man, two kangaroos, three koalas and two eels.
Aboriginal engraving near Bairne Trig (West Head) with figures incuding a man or woman, and a koala.
An engraving of a whale around six metres in length, within the tail of which there is faded, but just-visible man.
An enormous Aboriginal engraving site, which was the first to be visited by Europeans in 1788. There are over 100 figures representing different scenes.
Interpreted as a hunting scene, this small Aboriginal engraving site near the Cook Street Trail features a large emu/turtle, superimposed with a man (or hunter). Nearby sre two snakes.


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