There are a small number of surviving Aboriginal engraving sites across the inner suburbs of Sydney and around Sydney Harbour – although the sites are now isolated from their natural environment. Fewer sites have survived in Sydney’s south, due to development and erosion from weather and foot traffic.

An engraving of a whale around six metres in length, within the tail of which there is faded, but just-visible man.
An Aboriginal engraving of a turtle at Ben Buckler Point - the only remaining figure from a small site which had five carvings.
A small but sigificant Aboriginal engraving site in Bondi, these engravings are located within the Bondi Golf Course. Controversial re-grooving of the site in the 196os means that most of the engravings are still very distinct.
Located along the popular Spit to Manly bushwalk, the Grotto Point Aboriginal Site included boomerangs, fish, sharks and a large kangaroo. The engravings are about 1,000 years old and have interpretative signage.
A significant, signposted Aboriginal engraving site in the Royal National Park, the Jibbon Head Engravings are a short walk from Bundeena. The carvings can be seen from an elevated boardwalk with interpretive signage.
A very weathered engraving of a whale and its calf, on the headland at La Perouse.