Garigal National Park has extensive Aboriginal history, with over 300 Aboriginal sites recorded. These include cave art, rock engravings, shelters, middens and grinding grooves. Many other sites in the Northern Beaches area are preserved in Crown land, reserves and land managed by the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council. 

An enormous Aboriginal engraving site, which was the first to be visited by Europeans in 1788. There are over 100 figures representing different scenes.
An unusual rock engraving site above Bantry Bay, which is within a low shelter. The figures include two echidnsas and boomerangs,
Interpreted as a hunting scene, this small Aboriginal engraving site near the Cook Street Trail features a large emu/turtle, superimposed with a man (or hunter). Nearby sre two snakes.
An overhang above Bantry Bay, which has sixteen well-preserved Aboriginal stencils in red ochre.
The main engraving is a large whale, about 11m in length, with an unusually large mouth. Near the whale are two boomerangs and a small figure.
Aboriginal engraving site above the Caleyi Trail, which has a single kangaroo and a very weathered fish,
Carvings of two kangaroos, one of which was described by W.D. Campbell as having a spear in its back.
Two echidnas and what has been described as a snake are located on a rock platform close to Mona Vale Road.
A significant Aboriginal rock engraving site in Allambie Heights, Gumbooya Reserve has 70 figures (many very weathered or no longer visible) in three groups.
Located along the Kamber Road Trail is an Aboriginal engraving of a man, with upright hands.
Located on the edge of a ledge, with views over Garigal NP, is an Aboriginal engraving site with a couple of quite well-defined shields, a kangaroo and a boomerang.
On one of the rock platforms along the Little Moab Track is a school of (four) whales and a deity figure… the engravings are very faint and weathered and hard to make out.
Near a proposed MLALC residential development site at Lizard Rock are Aboriginal engravings of a kangaroo, and at least six mundoes (footprints)
Aboriginal engraving of a man with upraised arms, on a small rock platform next to Mona Vale Road.
A number of Aboriginal axe grinding grooves at the base of a waterfall, near MIdde Harbour Creek