A short detour off the America Bay Track reveals some fascinating Aboriginal rock engravings, including a large whale

The largest Aboriginal heritage site at America Bay (which was previously sign-posted) has a number of overlapping figures. It features a whale in the middle of the group.

The large and still very distinct whale was described by W.D. Campbell in 1899: “the group comprises a whale sixteen feet long and three small figures. The whale has a double line at the anterior and posterior portion of the body; the large fin also has a narrow double line near its extremity, and a narrow triple line at its base. In the middle of the body opposite the large fin is a circle with a sword-like projection; this, doubtless, has a mystic meaning.” (Plate 19, Fig 1).

Overlapping the whale below its posterior band is the figure of a woman.

Below the large fin and outside the figure of the whale is a goanna.

The woman depicted within the whale may have entered the whale to seek a cure for an ailment; a similar engraving can be seen at Balls Head.

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