There are not many waterfalls in the south and south-west of Sydney, with development impacting the natural flow of rivers and streams. Most of the remaining falls are in the Dhawaral National Park and Royal National Park.

See also waterfalls in Sydney’s north / Blue Mountains / Central Coast.

A spectacular waterfall in the NSW Southern Highlands, Belmore Falls can be seen from a few vantage points on the opposite side of the valley. Access to the bottom of the first tier is possible, but the walking track is officially closed.
Curracurrong Falls is a unique waterfall in the Royal National Park, as it plunges directly off high cliffs into the ocean. On windy days, it's also known to blow back up as mist, becoming a "reverse waterfall".
Grotto Falls is a small waterfall along the West Rim Trail (Fitzroy Falls), which is in a grotto-like setting just off the main trail
The Jingga Pool Waterfall (which don't officially have a name) is formed by O'Hares Creek plunging into the beautiful Jingga Pool.
Lady Hordern Falls is below the more spectacular Fitzroy Falls, and can be seen via a lookout along the West Rim Trail.
Regarded as one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Sydney's south, Maddens Falls in Dhawaral National Park is reached via a short 10-15min bushwalk.
The small Minerva Pool Waterfall (which doesn't officially have a name) is formed by Stokes Creek cascading into the tranquil Minerva Pool.


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