Although Cottage Point has no signposted Aboriginal heritage sites, the area has over a hundred Aboriginal rock engraving, cave art and midden sites.

An Aboriginal engraving site next to the Centre Trail, which includes three figures, two shields and a large fish.
A line leading north-south of (approximately) ten mundoes near the Centre Trail
The Ellis Trig North site at Cottage Point has three boomerangs, a bullroarer and a pierced seal.
The Hungry Trig engravings are on a small rock platform below a low cliff, surrounded by dense bush. The site has many figures including 12 ovals and three decorated men.
Three shelters along a low cliff line near the Hungry Trig station contain one or two Aboriginal red ochre hand stencils
Three vertical Aboriginal rock engravings of fish, above Smiths Creek
An unusual depiction of Baiame at an Aboriginal engraving site above Cottage Point Road. The figure has two horns, and is holding a shield and a dilly bag.
A small but interesting Aboriginal engraving site just below Cottage Point Road, with over 20 figures including two men (or deities) and two women, one of whom has caught a fish.
Sandstone shelter along Smiths Creek with three fish drawn in charcoal.
An Aboriginal engraving of a goanna or lizard, just below Cottage Point Road
Three very distinct Aboriginal hand stencils and a fish in red ochre, on rock overhangs along Smiths Creek
Deep shelter above Smiths Creek, with Aboriginal cave art (two men painted in red ochre)
A significant Aboriginal engraving site at Cottage Point, with two deity (Baiame) figures. Both have a rayed headress and vertical stripes on their bodies.
An Aboriginal engraving of a deity (probably Baiame) on a large rock platform below the Taber trig station
An Aboriginal engraving of a man or deity on a large rock platform below the Taber trig station.