Although Cottage Point has no signposted Aboriginal heritage sites, the area has over a hundred Aboriginal rock engraving, cave art and midden sites.

The Ellis Trig North site at Cottage Point has three boomerangs, a bullroarer and a pierced seal.
The Hungry Trig engravings are on a small rock platform below a low cliff, surrounded by dense bush. The site has many figures including 12 ovals and three decorated men.
Three vertical Aboriginal rock engravings of fish, above Smiths Creek
A small but interesting Aboriginal engraving site just below Cottage Point Road, with over 20 figures including two men (or deities) and two women, one of whom has caught a fish.
Sandstone shelter along Smiths Creek with three fish drawn in charcoal.
An Aboriginal engraving of a goanna or lizard, just below Cottage Point Road
Three very distinct Aboriginal hand stencils and a fish in red ochre, on rock overhangs along Smiths Creek
Deep shelter above Smiths Creek, with Aboriginal cave art (two men painted in red ochre)
A significant Aboriginal engraving site at Cottage Point, with two deity (Baiame) figures. Both have a rayed headress and vertical stripes on their bodies.
An Aboriginal engraving of a deity (probably Baiame) on a large rock platform below the Taber trig station
An Aboriginal engraving of a man or deity on a large rock platform below the Taber trig station.
Aboriginal engraving of a seal or sea lion, near the edge of a large rock platform below Taber Trig
A small Aboriginal engraving site west of Taber Trig. Figures include a kangaroo, fih and six mundoes,
A long and deep shelter near the Taber Trig, with charcoal drawings (documented by Campbell) and red hand stencils