Bobbin Head has some significant signposted Aboriginal art sites, including the Bobbin Head Track and Gibberagong Track sites. Hundreds more Aboriginal sites are located along Cowan Creek and in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park between North Turramurra, Wahroonga and Bobbin Head.

Apple Tree Bay Shelter near Bobbin Head has stencils of two fish and 12 hands one panel, and charcoal drawings on another panel
An enormous shelter named from it's location near The Sphinx, this site has 91 motifs including charcoal paintings and hand stencils.
Single mundoe next to Berowra Track (Apple Tree Bay)
Located on a vertical rock face in the Bobbin Head Marina carpark is an engraving of a fish, mammal and goanna
A large but very weathered Aboriginal site near the Bobbin Head Trig, which represents "mythological spirit beings" and a food-getting theme.
A short side-track off the Bobbin Head Trail to a signposted Aboriginal engraving site, which has a broad range of motifs.
Boomerang Cave (Apple Tree Bay) has white stencils of four hands, a boomerang and a hafted axe
Aboriginal cave paintings of a large anthropormophic figure and other motifs in a large shelter, near Cliff Oval.
An Aborginal engraving of what appears to be a man and club in a small shelter near thr Mt Ku-ring-gai Track.
Hand stencils, a fishtail stencil and charcoal drawings in a smoke-damaged cave on Cowan Creek
The Gibberagong Track has a signposted site with an Aboriginal engraving (of a single human figure, fish ane shield) and a number of axe-sharpening grooves.
Vertical engraving in a rock shelter near Appletree Bay depicting half a woman
Aboriginal Shelter with Art (SWA) near Smiths Creek, which has multiple figures drawn in charcoal
Next to the Pacific Motorway (M1), the Spring Gully (or Cockle Creek) site has 83 engraved figures across multiple locations.