The Garrigal people originally inhabited West Head, which is home to one of the largest known concentrations of recorded Aboriginal sites in Australia. The Basin & Mackerel Trail, America Bay Track and Topham Hill are some areas with significant Aboriginal engraving sites.

An Aboriginal engravng of a snake (which is bent double) along the Resolute Track.
An enormous Aboriginal engraving of a whale (just under 12m in length) above the Resolute Track.
Single Aboriginal engraving of a kangaroo on a rock platform near the Salvation Loop Track.
Aboriginal engravings of four kangaroos, a wombat and what looks like an emu on a rock platform near the Salvation Loop Track.
An Aboriginal rock engraving of an indeterminate object, on top of a large rock near Currawong Beach.
Aboriginal engraving of a bulbous headed club on Topham Hill
Aboriginal engraving of an eel on the southern side of Topham Hill
An interesting Aboriginal engraving site on Topham Hill depicting a school of 30 fish; below this site is a weathered carving of a man.
Aboriginal rock carving of a male wallaby or kangaroo, on Topham Hill.
Multiple Aboriginal engravings located on five sites across the western side of Topham Hill, on a series of rock ledges.
An Aboriginal engraving site near the Topham Trail, which has two overlapping men.
Axe grinding grooves and water channels along a creek below the Topham Trail.
A small site near the Topham Trail with an indistinct engraving, which may be a boomerang.
An Aboriginal engraving of a circle, carved on a small boulder near the Topham Trail.
A fairly distinct Aboriginal engraving of an emu, near the Topham Trail