The list below captures some of the most beautiful waterfalls captured in various trips and hikes across Europe; it is by no means exhaustive and no doubt many more cascades and waterfalls will be added to this list. For the most spectacular waterfalls, it’s hard to go past Iceland, which generally dominates the list of Most Spectacular European Waterfalls. But the European alps also serve as a dramatic backdrop (or the source of considerable water) for many waterfalls across a number of countries including France, Italy Germany and Switzerland. 

Saut du Day (or Cascade du Day) is a waterfall on the River L'Orbe near Vallorbe, which is accessed by a short hiking trail.
Rheinfall is the most powerful waterfall in Europe and one of the world famous natural features in Switzerland. The 23m falls can be viewed from both sides of the Rhine river.
A series of almost subterranean cascades along Les Gorges Mystérieuses in the Trient Valley.
Mealt Falls is a spectacular waterfall on the Isle of Skye, where the water plunges off steep sea cliffs into the ocean. Behind the waterfall is Kilt Rock.
The Salanfe River cascades down the narrow Gorges du Dailley (Dailley Gorge), beside a hiking trail with timber steps.
Gluggafoss (also called Merkjárfoss) is an interesting waterfall, where the Merkjá River has carved a channel and three natural arches through a hill.


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