There are at least 800 known sites in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, the largest park in the Sydney metropolitan area and the home of the Darramuragal people. The sites below range from obscure and hard-to-reach engravings, to well-known sites with interpretative signage.

A ritual Aboriginal site near the America Bay Track, which features a large Daramulan (ancestral hero)
An unusual engraving depicting a man striking a wallaby, on a small platform above a waterfall
A giant kangaroo and mundoe (and nearby shield), probably of mythological importance
A short detour off the America Bay Track reveals some fascinating Aboriginal rock engravings, including a large whale
Apple Tree Bay Shelter near Bobbin Head has stencils of two fish and 12 hands one panel, and charcoal drawings on another panel
An enormous shelter named from it's location near The Sphinx, this site has 91 motifs including charcoal paintings and hand stencils.
This group of three fish engravings enjoys fine water views. There are numerous Aboriginal heritage sites on the Barrenjoey Headland, including three listed Aboriginal archaeological sites, two middens and a cave.
The Basin Aboriginal Site is a significant, signposted rock engraving site along the Basin Track. It has 53 figures, and interpretative signage.
A small Aboriginal engraving site near the start of the Basin Trail, with a single fish
Faint hand stencils in a low rock shelter above the Euro Track.
A small Aboriginal engraving site near the start of the Basin Trail, with a single eel
A set of axe grinding grooves (AGG) along the creek, near the Basin Track.
An Aboriginal engraving of a single fish next to the Basin Trail.
A small Aboriginal engraving engraving site next to the Basin Trail, with man and snake
The Basin Track Ray is a deeply cut, distinct Aboriginal engravng described as an “indeterminate figure”.