A few of the many cascades, waterfalls and swimming holes across Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Batu Asah Waterfall can be reached by a 5km hike or longer ATV tour. The picturesque waterfall cascades down seven tiers of rock.
Medang Falls (Lata Medang) is a picturesque waterfall with a deep swimming hole, reached by a 3-4 hour jungle trek.
A series of smaller cascades, culminating in the tallest waterfall with a drop of about 35m. A walking trail (entry fee applies) follows the Mele Cascades up to the top falls.
Sofea Jane Waterfall (or Jeram Kubang Gajah) can be reached by 10km hike or ATV tour. The waterfall tumbles down a large rock slab, with swimming holes below the falls.


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