The northern section of Mt Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park (Mt Ku-ring-gai to Brooklyn) has hundreds of Aboriginal art sites. They are both along Cowan Creek and the Hawkesbury River, and along the ridges which woud have been used used by the Aboriginal people as travel routes. A number of sites are along the Myall Trail, and the Mt Ku-ring-gai Aboriginal Site has some significant Aboriginal engravings.

Above a small waterfall near Brooklyn Dam are Aboriginal engravings of a fish and wallaby (or kangaroo), and some water channels in the creek bed.
A long rock platform near the Brooklyn Dam is an Aboriginal engraving site, with over 20 figures. Many were recorded by McCarthy in 1958.
An Aboriginal engraving site above Campbell Creek, depicting two men, fish and a shield, in what may be a fishing scene.
A partly damaged Aboriginal engraving of a fish, along the track to Taffys Rock.
A newly-discovered site in Mt Ku-ring-gai, the Crawford Road Shelter has multiple charcoal motifs.
An Aboriginal engraving on a spur above Cowan Creek, which may depict an initiation ceremony. The group of figures includes two deitiies and seven men.
An Aboriginal site of "ritual importance" near the Mt Ku-ring-gai Track. It includes a large composite figure of a seal.
A distinct carving of a stingray, carved on a rock just above the water below Peats Ferrry Bridge
A small but deep cave in Mt Ku-ring-gai has four clearly-stencilled hand prints in ochre.
A small site sandwiched between the old Pacific Highway and the railway line and accessed by an unsigned track. The site features three figures and a very long line of mundoes.
An Aboriginal engraving site above the Mt Ku-ring-gai Track with a giant bandicoot, echidna, three men and what may be an ancestral figure.
An Aboriginal engraving site on Taffys Rock, which consists of a line (50m in length) of 44 footprints around the summit.
Described as an "animal scene", the 15 engravings on a rock platform along the Myall Trail in Mt Ku-ring-gai includes a number of wallabies and kangaroos
A long Shelter with Art along the Myall Trail, which includes over 80 motifs drawn in charcoal
Two leaping kangaroos, part of an emu and with rays on his head forms part of what may represent a hunting scene near the Myall Trail