Brisbane Water formed part of the traditional lands of the Guringai (or Kuring-gai) Aboriginal people, who fished in the rivers and lived on the surrounding land. There is debate as to whether the traditional lands of Darkinyung or Darkinung people extended to the coast (not to be confused with the Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council, who are the self-appointed caretakers of the Central Coast area and do not claim to be the traditional owners of this area). There are many significant Aboriginal site around Brisbane Water, including Bulgandry, Daleys Point and Staples Lookout. This area has one of the highest densities of Aboriginal heritage sites around Sydney.

An intriguing Aboriginal engraving site near Alison's Cascades, which has two birds, a shark and a long line of mundoes.
A small Aboriginal rock engraving site near the Bambara Trail, which includes a stingray and a fish
A significant site near Bulgandry in Kariong: "The whole group is particularly well drawn, and presents one of the best samples of this native art that the Writer has met with"
The Bulgandry Art Site Aboriginal Place is one of the most-visited engraving sites around Sydney. It's named after the prominent Bulgandry Man engraving.
Partly covered by silt, an Aboriginal engraving of a kangaroo is on a small outcrop with a view of Mount Wondabyne.
An interesting Aboriginal engraving site in the bed of Coorumbine Creek, first documented by Ian Sim in 1969 and depicting a whale and three men.
Two eels at a small Aboriginal engraving site which was first documented by Ian Sim in 1969. Nearby are some deep axe grinding gooves.
A complex and well-documented site on a rocky spur in Woy Woy, which is known for its "seven dancing rabbits"
Two Aboriginal engravings on Elephant Rock near Patonga, including an intriguing carving of an ant, spider or "indeterminate bag-like object"...
An Aboriginal engraving of a male figure on a long rock platform near Elephant Rock.
The Girrakool Aboriginal site has a carving of a man located on a rock platform along the Girrakool Loop walking track.
An Aboriginal engraving site above Green Point Creek near Pearl Beach, which has very weathered carvings.
Aboriginal red ochre and charcoal figures in a tall and long shelter near Woy Woy. An impressive site unfortunately damaged by graffiti.
Shelter below Koolewong Ridge, which has Aboriginal charcoal art (indeterminate motifs) and a midden.
Aboriginal cave art in a long shelter below the Koolewong Ridge Firetrail. There are over 30 ideterminate motifs in charcoal and ochre.