The Parr State Conservation Area is adjacent to both Wollemi (which is on the western side of Putty Road and divides the two parks) and Yengo National Park, and was the traditional lands of the Dharug and Darkinung people. Although a few hundred indigenous heritage sites have been recorded in the park, it has not been comprehensively surveyed and many sites are yet to be recorded.

A spectacular Aboriginal rock art site near the Terraborra North Ridge, with a long panel containing over 30 charcoal figures.
A shelter near the Terraborra North Ridge, which has multiple charcoal figures (including two kangaroos)
A shelter below a weathered cliff-line near the Terraborra North Ridge has figures in both charcoal and white.
Two adjoining Aboriginal engraving sites near the Terraborra North Trail, depicting an emu, bird and anthropomorphic figure.
A waterhole with two axe grinding grooves, near the Womerah Range Trail.