A ritual Aboriginal site near the America Bay Track, which features a large Daramulan (ancestral hero)

Below and to the west of the main America Bay site is a representation of Daramulan, an ancestral creation being and the son of Baiame and Bootha, as well as a number of additional figures.

The Darumalan figure is over six metres long and a metre wide, with one leg (Darumalan has only one leg, and is said to possess a deep thundering voice). He was described in detail by McCarthy: “His bird-like head has a long and open beak-like mouth, five or six eyes, and a pointed spur a the back. On the middle of his neck is what appears to be a pair of human forearms and hands: the upper one has ill-defined fingers, the forearm extends across the neck, and the elbow juts out on the girdle across his waist. The penis, marked with a tranverse line, is long and sinuous and ends in a single line at the edge of a small pothole…” Below his foot is a boomerang, and within the figure is a mundoe. Another seven mundoes above the figure (some very shallow) lead away from the rock towards Topham Hill, another very significant area with multiple engraving sites.

Next to the Daramulan figure is a small fish (described by McCarthy as a leatherjacket).

Below his foot is another goanna (Campbell uses the term iguana, a term used by the early European settlers for monitor lizards, which eventually became corrupted into the word “goanna”).

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