Sim documented hundreds of Aboriginal rock art sites across Sydney, many of them published in a series of articles in Mankind in the 1960s. A consolidated set of his recordings referred to as the “Sim Collection” are now held by AHIMS.

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The Basin Aboriginal Site is a significant, signposted rock engraving site along the Basin Track. It has 53 figures, and interpretative signage.
The Bulgandry Art Site Aboriginal Place is one of the most-visited engraving sites around Sydney. It's named after the prominent Bulgandry Man engraving.
An Aboriginal engraving site depicting a school of seven fish, towards the end of West Head Road
A complex and well-documented site on a rocky spur in Woy Woy, which is known for its "seven dancing rabbits"
A clearly engraved site, featuring a detailed carving of an echidna and a very long line of mundoes (footprints).
Two echidnas and what has been described as a snake are located on a rock platform close to Mona Vale Road.
The signposted Finchley cultural walk provides access to the Finchley Aboriginal Site, considered one of the best Aboriginal engraving sites in Australia.
Three Aboriginal engraving sites on vertical rock faces, to the east of Flint and Steel Beach.
The Girrakool Aboriginal site has a carving of a man located on a rock platform along the Girrakool Loop walking track.
An Aboriginal engraving of a man and a "composite emu spirit figure"; it's one of a series of eleven sites documented by Ian Sim near the Lyre Trig.
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