The trig stations in and around Garigal National Park in Sydney’s north are generally easy to access – unlike many of the nearby Ku-ring-gai Chase trig stations that demand serious navigation and off-track skills. 
IMG_5838-LR TS1421 CARROL (165m)
Just the concrete plinth remains of this trig station, which is only a few metres off the Carrol Trig Firetrail.
Distance: 0.8km return. Ease of Access: Easy (firetrail)
View: Great views a little further down the firetrail
History: Last inspected October 2002

Location: 33°44’04.8″S 151°11’15.6″E. Access via Carrol Ttig Firetrail
More info: Carrol Trig and Geocaching Australia
IMG_5998-LR TS10447 CROMER HEIGHTS (157m)
The trig station can be seen from a fair a distance away – and once you clamber up to the trig point there are sweeping views over the bushland and to the ocean in the distance.
Distance: 3km return. Ease of Access: Easy/Moderate
View: Sweeping views from trig point
History: Last inspected November 1979

Location: 33°43’50.7″S 151°15’19.9″E. Informal track off Red Hill Main Trail
More info: Red Hill Loop and Geocaching Australia
IMG_5607-LR TS2636 JONES (131m)
Trig station is in pretty good condition. Accessed via an informal and slightly overgrown track near the top of Manly Dam Mountain Bike Trail.
Distance: 0.1km return. Ease of Access: Moderate (overgrown track)
View: No views
History: Last inspected December 2000

Location: 33°46’04.3″S 151°14’04.9″E. Access via informal track near Wakehurst Parkway
More info: Bantry Bay Loop and Geocaching Australia
IMG_6544-LR TS3329 NARRABEEN (135m)
Just the metal column remains of this trig station, which is easily accessible via a service trail. Great views of Narrabeen Lake and the ocean to the east.
Distance: 2.2km return. Ease of Access: Easy
View: Great views
History: Last inspected August 1981

Location: 33°42’35.0″S 151°15’51.4″E. Access via Slippery DIp Trail from Deep Creek Reserve
More info: Deep Creek Loop and Geocaching Australia
IMG_6772-LR TS6957 PITTWATER (217m)
The concrete base remains from this trig station, which is hidden in thick bush a short distance from the base of a couple of radio towers.
Distance: 0.2km return. Ease of Access: Moderate
View: No views. Thick bush,
History: Last inspected September 1976

Location: -33.68569, 151.2342. Access from Mona Vale Road (If southbound on Mona Vale Road look for small driveway & gate not long after Kimbriki tip turnoff
More info: Geocaching Australia
There’s no evidence of the trig station, which may be located on private property. It’s easy to reach, but there are multiple (unofficial) signs indicating private land adjoining the firetrail.
Distance: 2.4km return. Ease of Access: Moderate (no track)
View: No views
History: Last inspected July 1976

Location: 33°43’54.7″N 151°15’25.1″E. Access from Red Hill Main Trail
More info: Red Hill Loop


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