Lamington National Park, which is on the border of NSW and Queensland, is renowned for its many waterfalls – the park contains over 500 waterfalls, with many of them accessible by marked bushwalking tracks. The park was declared one of the “Q150 Icons” of Queensland for its role as a natural attraction.

When to visit Lamington National Park

Lamington National Park receives an average rain of just over 1.5m per annum, with the highest average rainfall in the summer months of January and February (and the driest months being August and September). So late winter and early spring is the best time for bushwalking, with cooler and dryer days. But if you’re chasing waterfalls, so to speak, Autumn might give you the best best chance of a sunny day with a decent flow of water in the creeks.

Lamington National Park average rainfall

Best waterfall bushwalks in Lamington National Park

Just about every bushwalk in Lamington National Park will pass a waterfall or too.. but some trails offer a series of stunning cascades and falls…

  1. Coomera Circuit in the north (Green Mountains sction or Binna Burra). This is my recommendatuon for the best bushwalk to see waterfalls.
  2. West Canungra Creek Circuit from O’Reilly’s Guesthouse (Green Mountains section). My second pick – and the most challenging walk if you’re looking for an adventure.
  3. Tooloona Circuit (Green Mountains section). An alternative (and less busy option) to the Coomera Circuit, with some stunning waterfalls.
  4. Albert River Circuit (Green Mountains section). The longest bushwalk, with lots of smaller cascades but not as many spectacular waterfalls.

Binna Burra

In the Binna Burra section, the most accessible waterfalls are along the Coomera Circuit, which follows the Coomera River and passes a number of impressive waterfalls. From north to south they include:

A less-frequented track off the Lower Bellbird Circuit (10.5km return) takes you past the Ngarigoon Falls and Booboora Falls, before reaching the Ballanjui Falls, where you can access the bottom and top of the waterfall.

The Ship Stern Circuit passes the Chiminya Falls.

Green Mountains

In the Green Mountains section near O’Reillys Guesthouse, the West Canungra Creek Circuit (officially a 13.9km loop, but closer to 18km) passes a number of waterfalls:

The Box Forest Circuit is a slightly shorter loop at 10.9km (it also forms part of the West Canungra Creek Circuit), and is one of the best options for a bushwalk which traverses typical Lamington rainforest and provides access to some of the most spectacular waterfalls:

The Toolona Creek Circuit (17.4km loop) passes a number of spectacular waterfalls; the highlights of the walk are the waterfalls and Toolona Gorge, so an alternative to doing the circuit is follow the trail along Toolona Creek, and return the same way.

At the southern end of the park, the Albert River circuit (22km) accesses a number of waterfalls along the the Albert River (Left Branch):

A short walk (3.2km return) off National Park Road takes you to Morans Falls.

Swimming in Lamington National Park

Some of the waterfalls drop into deep pools, which often make great swimming spots… but as all of the creeks and rivers in the park support pristine aquatic ecosystems (and are the habitat for several endangered and vulnerable frog species) it’s recommended you don’t swim in any of the waterways.

Where to stay in Lamington National Pak

There are seven remote bush camping sites within Lamington National Park and (which don’t require a booking) and three bush camping sites near the main trails (Mount Bithongabel, Echo Point and Illinbah) – all need to be booked online. If you want a bit more luxury, staying at either O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat or Binna Burra Lodge allows you to get an early start, and cover all the marked trails as day-walks.

Getting to Lamington National Park

Located in southeast Queensland in the part of the Scenic Rim, the Lamington National Park is about an hour’s drive from the Gold Coast. Almost all the trails start from either Binna Burra (accessed via Beechmont) or O’Reilly’s Guesthouse which is in the Green Mountains section (accessed via Canungra).


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