Popran National Park has a high density of Aboriginal sites, with over 800 sites have been recorded (mainly engravings and grinding grooves). The park covers an area used by the Ku-ring-gai, Darkinjung and possibly also the Dharug people

At the end of the 248 Track is a large rock outcrop, which has some faint engravings and what may be a stone arrangement.
Along the 248 Track is a long rock shelf protected by a series of timber logs; it’s hard to make out the individual engravings due to natural tesselation.
Axe grinding groves and remarkably well-preserved engravings of two fish alongside Hominy Creek near Emerald Pool
Under a small rock overhang near Mount Olive are some well-preserved cave paintings, including a wallaby and some indeterminate figures.
A long rock overhang which contains numerous art motifs, including a stencilled hand, two macropod figures and some unidentified lines.
A large shelter in Popran National Park, the Upside Down Man Cave has over 274 motifs, representing three engraving types.