Maroota is located to the north-west of Sydney, just south of the Dharug and Yengo National Parks. It has a high concentration of (known) Aboriginal sites, with 12 engraving sites being located in one square kilometre at Maroota south of the Hawkesbury River; significantly higher than the nearby Mangrove Creek valley which has also been systematically sampled.  Many more Aboriginal heritage sites are located in the adjoining Marramarra National Park. The original inhabitants of this area were the Darug people.

An Aboriginal engraving site in Maroota depicting a kangaroo hunt, the figures include a man, two kangaroos, three koalas and two eels.
An Aboriginal engraving site below Blake Ridge (in Marramarra NP), which depicts a group of five eels.
Very weathered Aboriginal rock engravings of a kangaroo and an indeterminate object on a rock platform next to the Calabash Trail.
Weathered Aboriginal engravings on a rock platform next to the Calabash Trail, including an eel-like figure.
A significant Aboriginal site, which would have been of great importance in the ritual and mythology of the local tribe. The site includes cave art in different pigments dating over six periods, rock engravings and axe grinding grooves.
A small and somewhat unusual Aboriginal cave painting site, in a shelter at the base of a tall cliff near the significant Canoelands 1 site.
A small Aboriginal engraving site with a kangaroo and Daramulan figure, on a small rock platform near the Coba Ridge in Marramarra National Park.
A scarred tree along the Neverfail Fire Trail (Coba Ridge) in Marramarra National Park.
One of the most significant sites in the Sydney bason, Devil's Rock has over 67 figures, including Baiame and Daramulan who are are both ends of the rock platform.
An Aboriginal art site with weathered charcoal figures below Dusthole Ridge.
A long (30m) and tall shelter has a number of smooth niches in which there are over 30 charcoal drawings of birds, emus, wallabies and many indeterminate figures.
A single engraved circle and three sets of axe grinding grooves in a small rock platform in Hidden Valley.
Little Devils Rock at Maroota has a number of weathered engravings, including Baiame, right next to the Old Northern Road.
Eleven hand stencils in a low overhang near Marramarra Ridge; many of them are very distinct