The Garrigal people originally inhabited West Head, which is home to one of the largest known concentrations of recorded Aboriginal sites in Australia. The Basin & Mackerel Trail, America Bay Track and Topham Hill are some areas with significant Aboriginal engraving sites.

A set of axe grinding grooves (AGG) along the creek, near the Basin Track.
An Aboriginal engraving of a single fish next to the Basin Trail.
A small Aboriginal engraving engraving site next to the Basin Trail, with man and snake
The Basin Track Ray is a deeply cut, distinct Aboriginal engravng described as an “indeterminate figure”.
Speared shark (partly damaged) above the Basin Track on a low rock platform.
Along the Basin Track is a fairly deeply-cut stingray (or skate), on a small rock surrounded by dense scrub.
Aboriginal rock carving of a kangaroo in the middle of the Centre Trail at West Head.
The Challenger Snake is an Aboriginal engraving of a faint and weathered snake, near the Challenger Track.
Red ochre Aboriginal hand stencils and what may be charcoal art in a shelter below the Challenger Track.
Water hole with a pecked water channel on a rock ledge below the Challenger Track (West Head).
A small but complex Aboriginal engraving site above Coal and Candle Creek (West Head). It has 66 motifs, including 27 mundoes, and axe grinding grooves.
An Aboriginal engraving site depicting a school of seven fish, towards the end of West Head Road
An Aboriginal engraving site with five coolamons (water containers) and an axe grinding groove near the Basin Trail