The Garrigal people originally inhabited West Head, which is home to one of the largest known concentrations of recorded Aboriginal sites in Australia. The Basin & Mackerel Trail, America Bay Track and Topham Hill are some areas with significant Aboriginal engraving sites.

The Lovers and Whales Aboriginal engraving site near the Salvation Loop Track at West Head features an enormous whale, and a copulating couple
Below the Lovett Bay pool is a set of axe griinding grooves.
A man (fairly weathered) south of the Mackerel Trail.
A whale and bird engraving, and number of “stone circles” formed by thousands of small pebbles arranged in neat circles.
Single fish near Mackerel Track, on a rock platform surrounded by thick scrub
Three weathered shields and another figure on a small rock platform, near the Mackerel Trail
An Aboriginal engraving of a man peeing in a waterhole, some hands and fish on a small rock platform below West Head Road.
One of the best showcases of Aboriginal art in the area, the singposted Red Hands Cave at West Head has multiple red ochre handprints.
Faint Aboriginal hand stencil, in a shallow shelter on the back of Topham Hill
An Aboriginal engraving of an eel in the the creek bed above Refuge Bay Waterfall
Aboriginal red hand stenci in a shelter below the Resolute Track.
The signposted Resolute Track Aboriginal Engraving Site is a short walk from the Resolute Picnic Area. It has several figures, including a man with a club across his waist.
Aboriginal engravings of five eels, two fish and a shark along the Resolute Track (West Head)
A line of six mundoes at one of the many Aboriginal engraving sites scattered around the Resolute Track
Aboriginal engraving of a small man, on rock platform above Resolute Track (West Head).