Practical guides for selecting the most effective hiking and outdoor gear.

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Packing for an Overnight Hike

A definitive guide to the essential and nice-to-have gear you need for overnight hiking.
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Guide to Treating Water

A Guide to Treating Water help you to select the most appropiate water filtration or purification system.


Discover some of the thousands of long-forgotten trig stations hidden in national parks around NSW. 

Cromer Heights Trig

Trig Stations around Sydney

A guide to discovering the trig stations hidden in national parks across Sydney.
Cromer Heights Trig

Garigal National Park trigs

The trig stations in and around Garigal National Park in Sydney's north are generally easy to access - unlike many of the nearby Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park trig stations that demand serious navigation and off-track skills. 
Barrenjoey Trig Station

Ku-ring-gai Chase and Muogamarra trigs

There are at least 30 trig stations across Ku-ring-gai National Park; most require a bit of off-track scrambling. The most challenging trigs, like Want Trig, require most of the day to traverse the thick scrub.   
Pogson Trig

Berowra Valley trigs

There are not many trig stations in Berowra Valley National Park (in Sydney's north), although most are fairly easy to reach. Some are in Berowra Valley National Park, and a number are along the highway and railway line, along the main ridge. 
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Trigs of the Central Coast

There are only three trig stations in the coastal Bouddi National Park, which vary from quite easy (Bombi) to quite hard (Gerrin). In Brisbane Water National Park some trigs are local attractions: both Warrah Trig and Wondabyne are the destination of two popular bushwalks.
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Trigs to the north-west of Sydney

Many trigs are hidden in thick scrub within the Popran, Dharug and Yengo National Parks to the north-west of Sydney.
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South Coast trig stations

A guide to discovering the trig stations hidden in national parks across Sydney.
Best waterfalls in Sydney - Upper Gledhill Fals

Best Waterfalls in Sydney

Some of the best waterfalls in and around Sydney - and a list of all waterfalls within the Sydney area