A guide to tracks suitable for bushwalking with dogs in Sydney’s north… Focussed on Ku-ring-gai, Northern Beaches and Sydney’s northern suburbs, this guide also includes a few walks further afield that are worth making the effort to get to. As a general rule, dogs are not permitted in national parks (except for a small number of regional NSW parks) and are allowed in State Forests, while Council reserves are a mixed bag. (Dogs on all bush tracks should be leashed, whether it is signposted or not – the only exception being designated and marked off leash areas.)

KU-RING-GAI: Twin Creeks Reserve – 3.2km

AWAT2801 LR Bushwalking with Dogs in Sydney's North There are a variety of trails within the Twin Creeks Reserve, all of which are dog-friendly. You can choose from one of two firetrails that follow either the creek or the ridge, or enjoy a more challenging bushwalk by taking one of the informal tracks. A loop walk combines officia; and informal tracks to form a vatied loop walk. 

KU-RING-GAI: Frog Hollow Loop – 3.3km

img 2677 lr Bushwalking with Dogs in Sydney's North A varied and interesting loop through the Wahroonga Reserve, which starts with tall eucalypt forest before descending into Frasers Brook. You can do the entire loop on a wide firetrail (with a short on-road setion to complete the route), or take some of the more challenging bushwalking tracks up to Cilff Oval. (Note that some of the tracks beyond the loop walk go into Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park). These tracks also connect to Lovers Jump Creek in Turramurra.

KU-RING-GAI: Kitchener St to Phillip Road – 3.6km

img 3342 lr Bushwalking with Dogs in Sydney's North This management trail in St Ives is a pleasant and shaded walk, which descends into a valley and crosses Ku-ring-gai Creek (it connects to a network of tracks within the St Ives Wildflower Garden, but these are not dog-friendly)! The last part of the trail as it nears Phillip Road is a bit “suburban” and runs behind a row of houses, but most of the walk is through tall forest and is a nice walk.

KU-RING-GAI: Blackbutt Creek – 4km​

mg 6641 lr Bushwalking with Dogs in Sydney's North A shaded dog-friendly bushwalk along a firetrail in Gordon, which follows Blackbutt Creek and Falls Creek through Blackbutt Creek Reserve. Return the same way, or form a loop by returning along St Johns Avenue.

KU-RING-GAI: Little Digger Track – 4.6km

img 1836 lr Bushwalking with Dogs in Sydney's North A slightly more challenging dog-friendly bushwalk that follows Moores Creek down to Middle Harbour through several reserves in Lindfield and Roseville, before joining the Two Creeks Track. The Little Digger Track passes some small waterfalls and cascades (including Little Falls and Babbage Falls), and is well shaded.

KU-RING-GAI: Sheldon Forest – up to 6km

awat6523 lr Bushwalking with Dogs in Sydney's North A variety of dog-friendly tracks in Sheldon Forest & Rofe Park in Pymble/Turramurra can be combined to form a bushwalk up to 6.3km long. Although close to suburbia with multiple access points from Pymble and Turramurra, you’re soon deep in the bush on well-shaded tracks. There are some steep sections as you descend into gullies and a long section along Avondale Creek.

KU-RING-GAI: Grosvenor to Gwydir – 6.5km

img 2665 lr Bushwalking with Dogs in Sydney's North This is the longest walk you can do, from North Wahroonga to North Turramurra, and is 13km if you return the same way. It combines part of the Lovers Jump and Frog Hollow Loop walks, and is mostly on firetrails as it traverses bushland between Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park and the suburbs of Ku-ring-gai. Note: the track crosses briefly into Ku-ring-gai NP at the end of Gwydir Ave.\

KU-RING-GAI: Lovers Jump Creek – 6.6km

awat6497 lr Bushwalking with Dogs in Sydney's North Accessible via multiple spots in Turramurra, this relatively long loop along a wide firetrail follows both sides of Lovers Jump Creek. It’s mostly very shaded and near water, and passes some small cascades (the Lovers Jump Falls near Burns Road requires a short but steep scramble). You can make a longer bushwalk by taking a firetrail which connects this loop to the Frog Hollow Loop. All tracks are dog-friendly.

KU-RING-GAI: Darri Track – 7km

img 3052 lr Bushwalking with Dogs in Sydney's North Although the Darri Track in Turramurra is never far from suburbia, it (mostly) feels like you’re deep in the bush. This  dog-friendly bushwalk follows Cowan Creek fairly closely and is generally cool and well-shaded, and is partly on a firetrail and partly a narrow bushwalking track. There are a few access points, but you need to exit before reaching the Warrimoo Track (which is inside Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park).

KU-RING-GAI: Two Creeks Track – 8km

IMG_1846-LR The Two Creeks Track follows Middle Harbour Creek from Echo Point Park in Roseville to the start of Garigal National Park in Lindfield. It crosses some smaller creeks and traverses a few rainforest-like gullies, offering a real bushwalking experience. You can access the Two Creeks Track in multiple spots.

HORNSBY: Bellamy Trail – 1.1km

img 0662 lr Bushwalking with Dogs in Sydney's North

One of the access points for the Great North Walk from Thornleigh, the Bellamy Trail follows a concrete path through bushland. It passes the site of the Thornleigh zigzag railway (only minor fragments are still visible today) and an old quarry. An easy but pleasant dog-friendly bushwalk suitable for children and prams!

HORNSBY: Woodcourt Firetrail – 1.7km

img 5285 lr Bushwalking with Dogs in Sydney's North A firetrail betweeen Turner Road and Woodcourt Road in Berowra Heights provides a pleasant walk through a Wildlife Protection Area (dogs must be on-leash). The undulating trail goes through eucalyptus forest, and crosses a large rock platform. You can also take a dog on the nearby firetrail from Lonsdale Ave.

HORNSBY: Calabash Point – 7.6km

Ruins of Fretus Hotel on Calabash Point A dog-friendly and family-friendly bushwalk which descends Dusthole Ridge to Calabash Point. At the end of the trail are the fascinating ruins of the Fretus Hotel, which was built around 1900 and abandoned by 1920.

NORTHERN BEACHES: Allenby Park – 2.5km

AWAT8114 LR Bushwalking with Dogs in Sydney's North Although it’s a relatively small bushland reserve, once you enter Allenby Park it feels like you’re a long way away from civilisation! There are 2.5km of shaded trails that pass pockets of rainforest, creeks and waterfalls as they cross the reserve. If there’s been some heavy rain, go and have a look at Allenby Falls (and watch out for leeches)!

NORTHERN BEACHES: Anembo Reserve – 2km

img 2888 lr Bushwalking with Dogs in Sydney's North Anembo in Duffys Forest is named after the Aboriginal word meaning “quiet place”, which is fitting for this ridgetop reserve that’s surrounded by Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park on three sides. A shared-use trail (walkers, bikes, horses and dogs) makes a pleasant loop around the reserve.

  • Access Point/s: End of Anembo Road, Duffys Forest
  • Distance: 2km loop
  • Grade: Easy/Moderate
  • More info: Northern Beaches Anembo Reserve notes and map [PDF]

NORTHERN BEACHES: Davidson Track – 4.4km

img 7522 lr Bushwalking with Dogs in Sydney's North Following a large water pipeline, the dog-friendly section between Prince Charles Road and Garigal National Park varies between suburban (where the trail follows the back of properties) to more natural as the trail nears the national park. If you continue down to the “national park” sign (no dogs past this sign) you’ll need to walk back up a relatively steep section.

NORTHERN BEACHES: Slippery Dip Loop – 4.5km

img 4381 lr Bushwalking with Dogs in Sydney's North This loop can get busy: the Slippery Dip Trail in Belrose caters for mountain-bikers and horses, as well as the occasional vehicle accessing the Warringah Radio Control Society (WRCS), a not-for-profit flying club. You can go as far as the Garigal NP sign, or return via the Power Lines Track and an informal MTB/walking track for an interesting circuit. Some nice views from the trail.

  • Access Point/s: Locked gate on Morgan Road (Belrose)
  • Distance: 4.5km loop (trail continues through Garigal National Park)
  • Grade: Easy/Moderate
  • More info: Slippery Dip Loop blog, Map of loop walk

NORTHERN BEACHES: Spit to Clontarf – 5.2km

mg 9615 lr Bushwalking with Dogs in Sydney's North More of a “beaches and parks” walk than a bushwalk, this route follows the coast from Spit Reserve to Clontarf Reserve. Part of the Spit to Manly walk, the track passes a few bays and beaches, including the dog-friendly Sandy Bay, as well as passing through a sub-tropical rainforest in Fishers Bay Reserve.

NORTHERN BEACHES: Manly Dam Circuit – 7.3km 

manly dam wall lr Bushwalking with Dogs in Sydney's North A bit more challenging than the Narrabeen Lake loop, this track circles Manly Dam (the largest freshwater lake in Sydney). The Park Circuit Track undulates through bushlands, wetlands, past Aboriginal sites and across the dam wall for a varied walk.

NORTHERN BEACHES: Narrabeen lake loop – 7.4km

Narrabeen Lake is good for bushwalking with dogs An easy and level walk around Narrabeen Lake (or Narrabeen Lagoon, as it’s technically a coastal lagoon). The well-marked trail combines bushland, cultural heritage and historical icons and a “suburban” section with a few cafes and restaurants.

CENTRAL COAST: Strickland Forest (upper section) – 1.6km-6.5km

IMG_3421-LR Multiple tracks can be done individually or combined into a longer circuit. All the bushwalking tracks traverse a mix of dry eucalypt forest near the ridges, and wet gully rainforest as you drop into the cooler valleys. The most popular loop (Strickland Falls Track) goes to the small but picturesque Strickland Falls.

CENTRAL COAST: Strickland Forest (Arboretum Track) – 2.3km-3.5km

awat6217 lr Bushwalking with Dogs in Sydney's North The “lower” section of Strickland Forest is easier than the “upper” section, with both tracks being farly level. The Arboretum Loop Trail goes through Australia’s oldest arboretum, while the Bellbird Trail loops around both sides of Narara Creek. The two trails can be done separately, or joined into a longer loop. All Strickland Forest trails are dog-friendly. 

  • Access point/s: Stoney Creek carpark at end of Strickland Forest Road (Central Coast)
  • Distance: 2.3km – 3.5km loop
  • Grade: Easy
  • More info: Arboretum Track (Strickland Forest)

CENTRAL COAST: Five Lands Walk – up to 10km

img 9505 lr Bushwalking with Dogs in Sydney's North The Five Lands Walk follows the coast from Terrigal to MacMasters Beach, combining headlands, five beaches and bush along the route. Most of the route is dog-friendly, including off-leash areas along some of the beaches.

UPDATE 20/JAN/21: Rocky Creek (Killara) was previously (incorrectly) included; this trail traverses Garigal National Park and dogs are not permitted.

More trails suitable for bushwalking with dogs

Other shorter dog-friendly bushwalks (included on the map at the top) are:

  • Hornsby – Clarinda trail, between Clarinda Street and Simon Place. 0.5km one-way (firetrail)
  • Hornsby – Florence Cotton Reserve. 1.6km through a bushland reserve dominated by Blackbutt, Blue Gum, and Turpentine trees
  • Hornsby/Westleigh – Dog Pound Creek Conservation Reserve. 1.2km walk along Dog Point Creek
  • Cherrybrook – Daphne and Patricia Fire Trail between Tuscan Way (end Daphne Close) and Patricia Place. 0.5km one-way (firetrail)
  • Cherrybrook – Lower Pyes Creek Bushland Reserve – firetrail from end of Timothy Close to Keighran Place
  • Pennant Hills – Pennant Hills Park Conservation Reserve (Mambara Track). 1km loop along concrete path
  • Thornleigh – Larool Creek Bushland Reserve. 1km trail along Larool Creek.
  • Hornsby Heights – Rofe Dog Park. Oval + 1km bushwalking trail
  • Berowra Heights – firetrail between Emma Place and end of Warrina St. 1km.
  • Berowra Heights – firetrail between Lonsdale Avenue, Wideview Road and Cliffview Road. 1.2km.
  • Galston – Carrs Bush Conservation Reserve. 0.5km forest walk located within the precinct of Fagan Park


Although there are not many resources specifically for bushwalking with dogs, these Web sites have some more detailed information and suggestions on dog-friendly spots:

The AllTrails map and Web site allow you to filter on “dog friendly” walks.


yvonne · March 5, 2021 at 8:34 am

Hi Oliver – we used to enjoy the dog friendly bush walk up Swaines Creek in West Chatswood. Start at OH Reid park – we’d let the dog work off some steam by running a few laps of this off leash park first. The path through the cool shady forest starts on the far side of the park. It’s a good one in summer.
From the Scout Hall in Slade Ave, Lindfield, a nice bush track leads down to the stream and a tunnel, you can also walk up a side creek to Swain Gardens, and then loop back on the streeet to Slade Ave. Another nice dog walk,

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