The Garrigal people originally inhabited West Head, which is home to one of the largest known concentrations of recorded Aboriginal sites in Australia. The Basin & Mackerel Trail, America Bay Track and Topham Hill are some areas with significant Aboriginal engraving sites.

Very weathered engravings of echidnas on a platform next to the Waratah Track.
Two echidnas and a leaping wallaby on a rok platform near the Waratah Track,
A small Aboriginal engraving site in thick scrub, which includes a fsh and an emu in an unusual pose.
An interesting-looking Aboriginal engraving (most recently described as a gecko) on a ridge off the Waratah Track
A fish with a hook inside its body near the Waratah Track (part of a series of Aboriginal engravings).
Described as a "sacred site for whales", this large Aboriginal engraving stie near the Waratah Track includes two whales (one with a man inside it) and a deity figure.
A clearly defined decorated shield and boomerang near the Waratah Track
A fish and sword club in thick scrub near the Waratah Track (part of the Arden Trig series of Aboriginal engravings).
An Aboriginal engraving site just below the Waratah Trail surrounded by thick scrub, which has an enormous whale
Two axe grinding grooves on a small rock platform above West Head Road
Solitary Aboriginal engraving of a fish, below the Willunga Trig station.
A large (13 foot) Aboriginal engraving of a kangaroo between the Yeomans Track and Wallaroo Track at West Head.