Summary: While the Do Quyen Waterfall (or Rhododendrum Falls) is not overly spectacular, it has one of the tallest drops of all the waterfalls in Vietnam.

The Do Quyen Waterfall (or Rhododendrum Falls) is one of the tallest waterfalls in Vietnam, with a total drop estimated to be about 300m. The waterfall tumbles over the cliff, with the vantage point from the top offering sweeping views over the surrounding mountains.

There are a few smaller cascades just above the top of the cliff, and a small pool in which you can safely swim a little further upstream.

A steep trail (which is said to have 689 steps) descends to the base of the falls, and gives you a good view of the waterfall. The main drop is about 240m; the total drop is probably not quite 300m, even if you do include some smaller cascades below the cliff. However, I can’t find any accurate data on the precise height of Do Quyen Waterfall.

028A1389 LR Do Quyen Waterfall - one of the tallest waterfalls in Vietnam

The waterfall gets its name from the Rhododendron trees (Do Quyen) which bloom around the falls in March and April.

Getting to Do Quyen Waterfall / Rhododendrum Falls

The start of the Rhododendrum Trail is from the road that ascends from the Bạch Mã National Park Visitor Centre to the peak (Hai Vong Dai). It’s about 55km (1:30min drive) from Hue, 70km (1:45min) from Da Nang and 100km (2:45min) from Hoi An.

The paved trail is about 2.8km return to the top of the falls and is fairly easy walking. A steep trail descends to the bottom of the falls, which is about 0.8km return. The falls would be most impressive after heavy rain. You can do a longer loop by combining the Do Quyen Waterfall with the Five Lakes Trail (allow 3-4 hours) – but avoid the Five Lakes route if there’s been heavy rain as some river crossings are required.

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