Summary: The Elephant Falls (or Lieng Rowoa waterfall) is an impressive waterfall in the town of Nam Ban, which is in the Lam Ha district of Vietnam.

The Elephant Falls (or Lieng Rowoa waterfall) is the third largest fall in Lam Dong province, and has been recognised as a national scenic attraction. It’s formed by the Camly River dropping about 30m, with the waterfall about 40m in width.

Elephant Falls (Lieng Rowoa)

When in full flow, Elephant Falls generates a fair bit of mist at the base of the waterfall. Large moss-covered rocks cover the base of the valley beneath the falls.

Elephant Falls (Lieng Rowoa)

There is a legend associated with the Elephant Waterfall…

…once the chieftain in this area had a very beautiful daughter, who possessed a beautiful voice that made flowers bloom and animals listen silently. She fell in love with a tall, muscular and handsome man, who was the son of the chief of the next village. They had an intense love and vowed to live and die together. However, war broke out and he had to join the army to fight the enemy. 

She waited at home for him to return, but he did not come back. She found the place they used to date; and sang earnestly, hoping he would hear and find her. After finding out that he had died on the battlefield and would never return she continued to sing, in great agony.. Eventually, exhausted, she collapsed and never woke up again. Where she fell, the desolate mountain split into two and a large waterfall with white flowing water emerged from the sky.

Getting to Elephant Falls (Lieng Rowoa Waterfall)

Elephant Falls is located in the town of Nam Ban town in the Lam Ha district, about 30km away from the city centre of Da Lat. A short but very steep walking trail descends to the waterfall, crossing two streams and passing some smaller cascades along the way. Avoids weekends if possible, when the the falls are at their busiest.

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