W.D. Campbell recorded and sketched about 250 Aboriginal rock art sites across Sydney across nine parishes (predominantly engraving sites).  A number of the coastal and what are now inner-city sites have been lost to development and weathering, but many of the engravings are still in good condition.

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An Aboriginal engraving site on a low saddle along the track to Taffys Rock, which has two whales and a wallaby.
An interesting Aboriginal engraving site on Topham Hill depicting a school of 30 fish; below this site is a weathered carving of a man.
Multiple Aboriginal engravings located on five sites across the western side of Topham Hill, on a series of rock ledges.
Scattered figures including two fish and a small man at the start of the Towlers Bay Track at West Head
A small engraving of what may be a wombat, and axe grinding grooves, on a rock platform above the Tunnel Firetrail.
A vertical Aboriginal rock engraving on Smiths Creek, with a frieze containing eleven figures, and an adjacent site with five mundoes
Aboriginal engraving of a wallaby on a small rock, above Smith Creek
A "fishing scene" near the Wallaroo Track, which includes a woman, fish and boomerang.
Aboriginal engraving site which represents a man with fish which are his totem (or which he hopes to catch) near the Waratah Track. (Part of the Arden Trig series.)
Aboriginal engraving of a man and woman near Waratah Track. (Part of Arden Trig series.)
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