W.D. Campbell recorded and sketched about 250 Aboriginal rock art sites across Sydney across nine parishes (predominantly engraving sites).  A number of the coastal and what are now inner-city sites have been lost to development and weathering, but many of the engravings are still in good condition.

  • National Park

Located on a vertical rock face in the Bobbin Head Marina carpark is an engraving of a fish, mammal and goanna
A large but very weathered Aboriginal site near the Bobbin Head Trig, which represents "mythological spirit beings" and a food-getting theme.
A short side-track off the Bobbin Head Trail to a signposted Aboriginal engraving site, which has a broad range of motifs.
A small but sigificant Aboriginal engraving site in Bondi, these engravings are located within the Bondi Golf Course. Controversial re-grooving of the site in the 196os means that most of the engravings are still very distinct.
A significant site near Bulgandry in Kariong: "The whole group is particularly well drawn, and presents one of the best samples of this native art that the Writer has met with"
Carvings of two kangaroos, one of which was described by W.D. Campbell as having a spear in its back.
The Challenger Snake is an Aboriginal engraving of a faint and weathered snake, near the Challenger Track.
A partly damaged Aboriginal engraving of a fish, along the track to Taffys Rock.
A complex and well-documented site on a rocky spur in Woy Woy, which is known for its "seven dancing rabbits"
The Ellis Trig North site at Cottage Point has three boomerangs, a bullroarer and a pierced seal.
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