W.D. Campbell recorded and sketched about 250 Aboriginal rock art sites across Sydney across nine parishes (predominantly engraving sites).  A number of the coastal and what are now inner-city sites have been lost to development and weathering, but many of the engravings are still in good condition.

  • National Park

An Aboriginal engraving site depicting four leaping kangaroos on a huge rock platform below Mount Murray Anderson.
A series of Aboriginal engraving sites to the south-west of Mount Murray Anderson, which includes two large whales, a man-emu composite figure and a stone arrangement.
An Aboriginal engraving of half a man, who has been speared in the foot. It's on a small rock platform above Mullet Creek.
An Aboriginal engraving site on Taffys Rock, which consists of a line (50m in length) of 44 footprints around the summit.
A "bulbous head" (one of only four recorded around Sydney) and a second weathered figure near the end of Kimmerikong Ridge in Muogamarra National Park.
An Aboriginal engraving site within the Muogamarra Nature Reserve, which was thought to depict a fishing expedition. It has over 20 figures.
A unique Aboriginal engraving site in the Muogamarra Nature Reserve, which depicts a man and woman copulating, along with four additional men.
An Aboriginal engraving site in the Muogamarra Nature Reserve which has over 20 figures depicting mammals and fish commonly found in the area.
The Whale Feast site is a "remarkable" Aboriginal engraving site in Muogamarra Nature Reserve. It has over 60 figures, including a Baiame ancestral being and a line of 31 human figures below a large whale.
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