Summary: A large whale engraving next to the Peats Crater Trail in Muogamarra Nature Reserve. Nearby is a wallaby and two circles (which may represent squid or food for the whale).

Along the Peats Crater Trail is a large whale, on a signposted rock platform next to the firetrail – this site is the only one in the main area of Muogamarra that can be visited and photographed (during the weekend which the park is open).

About six metres in length, the whale was described as unusual by McCarthy “because of its line design and in front of it are shown some of the circular or oval objects considered to be squid or some other food of the whale”. (McCarthy described similar “fragments of squid eaten by the whale” at the Hungry Trig engraving site.)

Within the outline of the whale there is what appears to be an intanglio oval or circle – but this was not referenced by Campbell or McCarthy, and may be natural.

The ovals, eels and kangaroo are drawn as if they are just in front of the whale – but they are some distance away and not accessible.

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