W.D. Campbell recorded and sketched about 250 Aboriginal rock art sites across Sydney across nine parishes (predominantly engraving sites).  A number of the coastal and what are now inner-city sites have been lost to development and weathering, but many of the engravings are still in good condition.

  • National Park

Located in the middle of an informal walking track between Natural Arch Track and Forestville Park is a wallaby or kangaroo. A few nearby engravings are considered to be fake.
The largest figure at this Muogamarra Aboriginal engraving site is a manta ray; nearby are five men, a woman, a kangaroo rat and a very clearly-carved bird.
A large whale engraving next to the Peats Crater Trail in Muogamarra Nature Reserve. Nearby is a wallaby and two circles (which may represent squid or food for the whale).
The signposted Resolute Track Aboriginal Engraving Site is a short walk from the Resolute Picnic Area. It has several figures, including a man with a club across his waist.
Two leaping kangaroos engraved on a large rock platform next to the Road to Nowhere Trail.
A solitary engraving of a whale with an oblong figure at its snout. Nice views from this rock platform.
Below the Shark Rock Ridge in dense scrub is an Aboriginal engraving of a "protective deity, holding up a fish with the right hand"
One of several Aboriginal engraving sites along Shark Rock Ridge. It includes a large stingray, multiple fish, emus, kangaroos and kangaroo rats and a man (who may be hunting or fishing).
An Aboriginal engraving site along Shark Rock Ridge, which may represent "a hunting incident in the mythology or a totemic ritual". It has 14 figures, including two "koala bears" which resemble a Daramulan.
Along the Shark Rock Ridge track is an Aboriginal engraving of a whale; the enormous figure is ten metres in length, with a goanna and whale inside the whale.
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