Summary: The Toolona Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls along the Toolona Creek Circuit in Lamington National Park. Downstream are the smaller Toolona Cascades.

The largest waterfall along Toolona Creek, Toolona Falls has a total drop of about 30m. The water plunges off a vertical cliff before cascading over rocks near the base.

Toolona Falls

Below the Toolona Falls are the smaller Toolona Cascades.

IMG 2959 LR Toolona Falls and Toolona Cascades (Lamington NP)

Getting to Toolona Falls and Toolona Cascades

This is one of many waterfalls along the 17.4km Toolona Creek Circuit, which starts about 2.3km along the Border Track in the Green Mountains section of Lamington National Park. The Border Track starts near the O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat carpark at the end of Lamington National Park Road. It’s about 6.3km (one-way) to Toolona Falls from the start of the Border Track.

Finding the best waterfalls in Lamington National Park has more information on the best bushwalks to do if you’re chasing waterfalls, and a list of all the waterfalls along the major trails.

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