Summary: Coomera Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the Lamington National Park. A lookout platform accessed via a 10km return / 17.5km loop walk provides a view from the top.

One of the most spectacular waterfalls in Lamingon National Park, Coomera Falls plunges 64m into the Cooomera Gorge. It’s best accessed from Binna Burra, as a 10km return walk or as part of the longer (17.5km) Coomera Circuit. The segmented waterfall is on the upper Coomera River, which originates in Lamington National Park below the Lamington plateau and flows northwards, emptying into the Broadwater near Coomera Island and Paradise Point. A viewing platform perched 160m above the gorge provides a vantage point over the top of Coomera Falls. There is no track to the base of the waterfall, although it can be accessed by following the river upstream.

Coomera Falls

Overshadowed by Coomera Falls, but with a much higher drop of 150m, is Yarrabilgong Falls

Coomera Falls and Yarrabilgong Falls

Getting to Coomera Falls

The bushwalking trail starts from the end of Binna Burra Road, near Binna Burra Lodge. From the carpark. follow the well-marked Border Trail for 1.8km before veering right onto the Coomera Circuit, which is one of the most popular walks Lamington National Park.

Finding the best waterfalls in Lamington National Park has more information on the best bushwalks to do if you’re chasing waterfalls, and a list of all the waterfalls along the signposted trails.

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