Summary: Wentworth Falls is one of the many spectacular waterfalls in the Blue Mountains, which can be seen from a number of lookouts and walking trails.

Wentworth Falls is considered one of the most scenic waterfalls in the Blue Mountains. It’s also the highest waterfall in the Blue Mountain; Jamison Creek tumbles over three tiers with a total fall of 187m. The waterfall gets its name from William Wentworth, who with Gregory Blaxland and William Lawson in May 1813 found a route across the Blue Mountains to reach what is now Wentworth Falls.

The waterfall can be seen from a number of vantage points:

Princes Rock Lookout

The Prince Rock Lookout offers one of the best views of the Wentworth Falls from the top. You can see most of the main falls, and the much smaller Queens Cascade. (The scluded and smaller Eagles Nest Lookout provides a very similar vantage point.)

Fletchers Lookout

A fenced and signposted lookout, Fletchers Lookout has two fenced platforms that provide a view over the top of the waterfall. It’s reached by a 0.6km walk from the end of Falls Road along the Wentworth Track.

Rocket Point Lookout

On the opposite side of the falls to Fletchers Lookout, Rocket Point Lookout offers an even more spectacular “birds eye” view of the waterfall. This lookout is reached from the end of Falls Road (1.6km return walk) or mor commonly from the Wentworth Falls Picnic Area (2.4km return walk including the Rocket Point Circuit).

Base of Wentworth Falls

The most dramatic views of the falls are from the base, which is reached via the Federal Pass. It’s a steep descent with multiple flights of steps that hug the cliff-face. It’s hard to capture the entire waterfall in one photo – you can see both the main drop, and mutiple smaller cascades.

Swimming at Wentworth Falls

Although it requires a steep walk back up, there is a shallow swimming hole at the base of the falls. It’s reached via the Federal Pass walking track (about 5km return and is rated Moderate/Hard due to a very steep descent and ascent, which includes some steel ladders). You’;’ll need to scramble over a few big boulders to access a shallow pool beneath the main drop.

Getting to Wentworth Falls

The Conservation Hut is the starting point for:

The Wentworth Falls Picnic Area is the starting point for:

  • Wentworth Falls Track
  • Wentworth Pass
  • Princes Rock Walking Track
  • National Pass

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