Summary: Offering one of the best views of Wentworth Falls, Rocket Point Lookout is above the waterfall and looks down the full length of the main drop.

This is my favourite lookout in the Wentworth Falls area, for it dramatic, aerial view of Wentworth Falls: “Historic Rocket Point lookout track boasts some of the best waterfall views in Blue Mountains National Park” (NPWS). Unlike Fletchers Lookout, which is on the opposite side of the waterfall, this vantage point lets you see the entire main drop and even the small cascades at the very bottom.

There’s also a view of the Jamison Valley, and you can see the National Pass which looks like it’s been cut into the cliffs on the opposite side of the valley. (The Jamison Valley views are not as good from here as they are from Princes Rock Lookout and Fletchers Lookout.)

Despite some great valley and waterfall views, this is one of the least-visited lookouts in Wentworth Falls – but it’s definitely worth a visit.

Getting to Rocket Point Lookout

The quickest way to the lookout from the end of Falls Road, where it’s a 1.6km return walk. From the Wentworth Falls Picnic Area (which is at the end of Sir H Burrell Drive, 3.2km from Wentworth Falls village and station) it’s a 2.4km return walk inclding the Rocket Point Circuit.

I’d recommend visiting the Rocket Point Lookout as part of the 4-5km scenic Wentworth Falls scenic cliff-top loop (see map below).

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