Summary: Curra Brook Waterfall in the Royal National Park plunges into the ocean, just below where the Coast Track crosses Curra Brook. Best views of the falls are from the Coast Track about 700m to the north.

The Curra Brook Waterfall (or Curra Brook Falls) is in some ways a smaller version of the nearby and more impressive Curracurrong Falls. They both tumble into the ocean, and both have a smaller cascade above the main drop. From the top of Eagle Rock, you can see both the twin falls of Curracurrong Falls in the foreground, and the Curra Brook Waterfall further along the cliff line.

Curracurrong Waterfall and Curra Brook Waterfall

Although Curra Brook Waterfall should be classified as a tidefall (a waterfall which empties into the ocean) it’s not recognised as such in Wikipedia (there is no authoritative source of tidefalls). The most likely reason is that while Curra Brook Falls flows most of the time (and is shown on topographic maps as a perennial creek) it may stop flowing in dry periods.

Curra Brook Waterfall

The only vantage points for the waterfall are the top of Eagle Rock, or along the Royal National Park Coast Track slightly north of Eagle Rock. The Coast Track crosses Curra Brook above the waterfall; you can’t see it from here, but there is another, smaller cascade just below the walking track.

AWAT2128 LR Curra Brook Waterfall - a coastal waterfall in the Royal NP

Further upstream, and above the walking track is another, small cascade.

AWAT2131 LR Curra Brook Waterfall - a coastal waterfall in the Royal NP

Curra Brook Creek

The Curra Brook Creek originates below Sir Bertram Stevens Drive in the Royal National Park, and has a relatively small catchment area. The Curra Moors Fire Trail crosses Curra Brook a couple of times, well above the waterfall.

Getting to Curra Brook Waterfall

It’s about 8km (return) to the Curra Brook Waterfall from Garie Beach, Wattamolla or Sir Bertram Stevens Drive via the Curra Moors Firetrail. The easiest and quickest way to the waterfall (and Eagle Rock) is from Wattamolla, where there is a large carpark, kiosk and toilets. An entry fee applies (if you don’t have a National Parks pass).

A few popular bushwalks that pass the falls (and Eagle Rock):

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Hiking the Curra Moors Loop to Eagle Rock | Hiking the World · April 30, 2022 at 10:58 pm

[…] For the best view of Curracurrong Falls, continue a short distance further north along the Coast Track, and then head off-track towards Eagle Rock. The top of Eagle Rock is one of the few vantage points from whic you can see the full height of Curracurrong Falls – as well as Curra Brook Waterfall. […]

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