Summary: A beautiful waterfall and secluded waterhole, Curracurrang Falls is hidden away a short distance from the Royal National Coast Track near Wattamolla.

Located a short distance from the popular Royal National Park Coast Track, Curracurrang Falls is formed by the Curracurrang Creek (the correct name of the creek is Curracurrang Gully) cascading down multiple tiers of rock. Despite being close to Wattamolla and the Coast Track, the waterfall and pool don’t get much visitation; even when Wattamolla was crowded I had the pool to myself.

Below the waterfall is a beautiful, natural rock pool which makes a great swimming hole. The bottom consists of rock and sand, and it’s deep enough to swim – and always fairly quiet. The creek originates well inside the Royal National Park, so the water is pristine.

Getting to Curracurrang Falls

The closest access to the swimming hole is from Wattamolla, taking the Coast Track south until you reach Curracurrang Cove. The shortest route (1.7km return) is from the top of the Wattamolla carpark, which takes you straight onto the Coast Track.

The longer, steeper but much more scenic route (2.4km return) takes you via Providential Point, where you follow coast around the headland before joining the Coast Track.

Regardless of which way you take, you’ll end up following the Coast Track as it winds its way along the top of the steep cliffs, before descending to Curracurrang Cove.

Just before you cross the creek (which flows into Curracurrang Cove), look for an unmarked path that follows the creek upstream. It’s an easy 200m walk, through palm forest and past an enormous overhang, before you reach Curracurrang Falls.

Return the same way: I’d recommend combining the two options, taking the longer, scenic route and the shorter route back for a 4.3km bushwalk.

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