Summary: Fitzroy Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Australia, with the water plunging 81m into a wide valley. A walking trail provides multiple lookouts.

Described as one of the most spectacular waterfalls anywhere in Australia, Fitzroy Falls in the Southern Highlands is pretty impressive from any of the different vantage points. The Wildes Meadow Creek plunges 81m over a cliff into the wide Yarrunga Valley, before reaching Yarrunga Creek, which flows into the Kangaroo River.

Fitzroy Falls has been a tourist attraction since the 1800s, with the first European to see the falls being Charles Throsby, a surgeon and explorer. Initially named “Throsby Falls”, the waterfall (and village) was -re-named after Sir Charles Fitzroy (Governor of NSW from 1846 to 1855) who visited the area in the 1850s. Prior to European occupation, the area was inhabited by the indigenous Wodi Wodi people.

View from the East Rim trail

The waterfall is hidden from view for most of the East Rim Trail, with the best vantage point being from the Warrawong Lookout, about 1.2km from the Visitor Centre.

Fitzroy Falls from Warrawong Lookout

View from West Rim Trail

The views are much better from the more popular West Rim Trail, with the Jersey Lookout (0.6km frmo Visitor Centre) providing a view of the waterfall and the the head of the Yarrunga Valley. From here you can see the full upper tier of the falls, as well as the lower tier.

Fitzroy Falls from Jersey Lookout

If you continue along the West Rim to Renown Lookout (2km), this final lookout provides a view of both Fitzroy Falls and Lady Hordern Falls, which is further down the valley. (You’ll also pass The Grotto Falls, which is down a short side-track.)

MG 9483 LR Fitzroy Falls - one of the most spectacular waterfalls in NSW

Getting to Fitzroy Falls

The waterfall and visitor centre is just off Nowra Road, with the most popular access point being via the Fitzroy Falls Visitor Centre, which has a cafe and souvenir shop. From here a short wheelchair-accessible boardwalk provides easy to a viewing platform, which is almost directly above the top of the waterfall. You can access the East Rim and West Rim bushwalking trails from here.

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