Sim documented hundreds of Aboriginal rock art sites across Sydney, many of them published in a series of articles in Mankind in the 1960s. A consolidated set of his recordings referred to as the “Sim Collection” are now held by AHIMS.

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A series of Aboriginal engraving sites along the cliff between Patonga and Warrah Lookout. Over 30 figures, which include a number of men, animals and bird tracks.
An Aboriginal engraving of a single, broad fish on a small rock platform between Warrah Trig Road and Patonga Drive.
Two Aboriginal engravings of fish (and axe grinding grooves) on a rock platform below the Warrah Trig Road
Three slabs of rock that were part of a larger Aboriginal engraving site, which were re-located to the St Ives Wildflower Garden during the construction of the F3 freeway.
The Wilton Shelter is a significant and spectacular Aboriginal rock art site in Sydney's south-west. The long shelter has over 60 motifs, all drawn in charcoal including two life-size kangaroos and a large anthropomorphic figures.
A waterhole with two axe grinding grooves, near the Womerah Range Trail.
A very weathered kangaroo in thick scrub near Woy Woy Creek.
Two significant sites near Woy Woy Road, which represent "a ritual and mythological story".
A large whale, two fish and three kangaroos across three adjacent rock platforms near Woy Woy Road.
A stone arrangement and a series of five (very weathered) Aboriginal engraving sites near the Woy Woy Snake.
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