Sim documented hundreds of Aboriginal rock art sites across Sydney, many of them published in a series of articles in Mankind in the 1960s. A consolidated set of his recordings referred to as the “Sim Collection” are now held by AHIMS.

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An enormous Aboriginal engraving of a whale (just under 12m in length) above the Resolute Track.
A lesser-known site featuring seven shields, located below the "Seven Rabbits" (Woy Woy) site
A large number of axe grinding grooves, in and around the creek above Somersby Falls.
Two adjoining Aboriginal engraving sites near the Terraborra North Trail, depicting an emu, bird and anthropomorphic figure.
Very distinct Aboriginal engraving of a kangaroo above the Tunnel Firetrail.
A series of Aboriginal engraving sites along the cliff between Patonga and Warrah Lookout. Over 30 figures, which include a number of men, animals and bird tracks.
An Aboriginal engraving of a single, broad fish on a small rock platform between Warrah Trig Road and Patonga Drive.
Two Aboriginal engravings of fish (and axe grinding grooves) on a rock platform below the Warrah Trig Road
Three slabs of rock that were part of a larger Aboriginal engraving site, which were re-located to the St Ives Wildflower Garden during the construction of the F3 freeway.
A waterhole with two axe grinding grooves, near the Womerah Range Trail.
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