Sim documented hundreds of Aboriginal rock art sites across Sydney, many of them published in a series of articles in Mankind in the 1960s. A consolidated set of his recordings referred to as the “Sim Collection” are now held by AHIMS.

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An extensive group of engravings, the Mooney Mooney Aboriginal Area includes many kangaroos, two rainbow serpents and many other figures.
An Aboriginal engraving of half a man, who has been speared in the foot. It's on a small rock platform above Mullet Creek.
Above the Gosford Railway Dams in Narara is an Aboriginal engraving site and a long wave-like shelter with art, both only (relatively) recently documented.
A sacred Aboriginal engraving site in Somersby, which has a large Daramulan figure.
A significant Aboriginal engraving site in Somersby, which includes a large bird of ceremonial significance and an anthropomorphic "spirit figure".
The signposted Resolute Track Aboriginal Engraving Site is a short walk from the Resolute Picnic Area. It has several figures, including a man with a club across his waist.
Aboriginal engravings of five eels, two fish and a shark along the Resolute Track (West Head)
A line of six mundoes at one of the many Aboriginal engraving sites scattered around the Resolute Track
An Aboriginal engravng of a snake (which is bent double) along the Resolute Track.
An enormous Aboriginal engraving of a whale (just under 12m in length) above the Resolute Track.
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