Summary: Goon Goon Dina is an easy and pleasant circuit in Blackdown Tableland National Park, which passes the Ghungalu rock art site. The bushwalk has signage explaining the park's history and how the Aboriginal people use plants for food and shelter.

While visiting the only signposted indigenous rock art in the Blackdown Tableland National Park is the main reason to do the Goon Goon Dina Circuit, it’s an interesting and pleasant bushwalk even without the art site. The well-signposted trail starts from the far end of the Munall Camp Ground.

The trail passes through past the remnants of an old cattle yard, with interpretative signage explaining how the fences were constructed from trees felled on site. The rails of the fences were sawn by hand and slotted into rectangular holes cut into each post.

The Goon Goon Dina track soon splits into two, which is the start of the loop – you can do the loop in either direction, but going anti-clockwise is recommended. Next to the track is what appears to be an Aboriginal scarred tree – but a sign explains that the European settlers removed the bark from the tree trunk.

After about 0.6km, a series of stepping stones crosses Mimosa Creek.

More signs along the trail explain the medicinal use of plants within Blackdown Tableland National Park: bitter fruit of some quinine bushes to relieve pain, young red ash leaves which were chewed to alleviate upset stomachs and oil-rich leaves of some eucalypt species boiled to make a tonic for colds and flus.

A bit further along (and not signposted!) is a large, and interesting rock formation just above the Goon Goon Dina track.

The Ghungalu rock art site is just over halfway along the loop, which has a large number of hand stencils in red ochre. It’s just after the highest point of the Goon Goon Dina loop, as the track starts descending back towards Mimosa Creek.

The trail passes some more interesting rock formations, before crossing Mimosa Creek again on more stepping stones.

After the creek, the trail enters tall forest with some open grassy clearings, before it meets up again with the track we came in on to close the loop.


Getting to Goon Goon Dina bushwalk

The start of the Goon Goon Dina circuit is signposted – but can be a bit tricky to find. Drive into the Munall Camping Area (which is on Charlevue Road, the main road through Blackdown Tableland National Park) and continue to the far end. There are multiple car parking spots along the unsealed road though the campground. The campground is about 2.5 hours drive from Rockhampton, and the last 7.5km of the road is unsealed. It’s generally suitable for all vehicles, but may be 4WD-only after heavy rain.

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