Caleyi Trail Loop (Garigal NP)

A short-ish loop bushwalk down the Caleyi Trail in Garigal National Park, returning via the Ya Right and Coopers Blue mountain-bike tracks. 

A relatively short afternoon walk, exploring the northern end of the Caleyi Trail and hoping to find some Aboriginal engravings along the way. It’s not the most pleasant start to a bushwalk: after parking near the Tumbledown Dick Rural Fire Brigade it takes me a while to cross the busy Mona Vale Road. Then there’s the sight of rubbish strewn along the highway as I walk up to the start of the firetrail. Finally I’m on the Caleyi Trail, and gradually leaving the traffic noise behind.

I’m seeing more wildflowers on each bushwalk I do, as we get closer to spring. (Although I didn’t find out until after doing this walk that the trail is named after Caley’s Grevillea, a medium to tall shrub that is only found in an 8km square area that includes Belrose, Ingleside and Terrey Hills/Duffys Forest).

After about 800m there’s a wide rock platform and some interesting sandstone formations. From here there are also some nice views over the park.

Near the trail are carvings of two kangaroos, one of which has a spear in its back (although I couldn’t make this out – these engravings were described by WD Campbell).


The Caleyi Trail continues along the ridge, with a short side-track to another rock platform which provides another vantage point over the park. It’s easy walking along the level track.

A few hundred metres further, and the Caleyi Trail starts to descends towards Deep Creek and Deep Creek Reserve. To the right is the “Ya Right” mountain-biking track, which is also suitable for bushwalking. I turn onto this track, which descends toward Deep Creek, passing a few sandstone caves and overhangs.

Where the track meets Deep Creek, the creek cascades over the rocks and drops into a small pool below.


From the waterfall, the unofficial track is informally referred to as “Coopers Blue”. It continues along Deep Creek for a short distance, before gradually ascending back up to the Caleyi Track.

Once back on the Caleyi Trail, it’s an easy 500m back to the start (or end) of the track.

0.0km Start of Caleyi Trail on Mona Vale Road
0.7km Track crosses rock platform (nice views from the west
      Also junction with informal MTB/walking track to Bahai temple
1.0km Side-track to rock platform
1.4km Junction with Ya Right MTB/walking track
2.0km Deep Creek (start of Coopers Blue trail)
3.4km Cooper Blue track joins Caleyi Trail
3.9km Start of Caleyi Trail
Location Trail starts on Mona Vale Road, Ingleside, Park along Tumburra St.
Distance 3.9km loop
Grade Easy. 120m total elevation gain.
Season/s All year.
Map/s Interactive topographical map [AllTrails]
9130-1S Mona Vale (1:25K) Buy / Download
GPS Route PlotARoute map with option to download GPX / KML file

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