Carrol Trig (Davidson)

A short exploratory walk to find Carroll Trig – in which I discover an unmarked bushwalking track in the process!

This is a late afternoon bushwalk, to find the Carroll Trig Station. The walk starts on Sir Thomas Mitchell Drive, passing behind a few houses before the start of the Carrol Trig Firetrail.


Just before the trig station is a narrow track, which is the “Double B” single-track mountain bike trail. It descends fairly steeply to The Cascades in St Ives. I only go a short distance, as it’s getting dark – but it would make a nice bushwalking trail down to Middle Harbour Creek.

Just after this track is the Carroll Trig Station, one of thousands of these now abandoned trig points. Some are pretty hard to reach; this one is just metres off the firetrail.


I continue down the firetrail  a bit further – on both of my maps (the Hornsby 1:25K topographical map and AllTrails) it seems to go another two hundred metres. From the firetrail there’s a great view of North Sydney in the distance.


While the firetrail ends where it should, according to the maps, a bushwalking trail continues descending the ridge. I follow the track for about 500m, and it seems to continue down to Middle Harbour Creek. This would allow a nice loop walk, down to Middle Harbour Creek, along Middle Harbour Creek and back up the “Double B” track.

As I head back up this unnamed track, there’s a nice outlook toward the south, with only the electrical pylon marring the view of the North Sydney and Sydney city skyline.


I’ll be back to complete the loop down to Middle Harbour Creek – it’s a nice area (just outside Garigal National Park) and I suspect these tracks will be fairly quiet even on a weekend!


Location Next to 97 Sir Thomas Mitchell Drive, Davidson
Distance 2.7km as walked (0.8km return to Carrol Trig)
Grade Easy. 110m total elevation gain.
Season/s All year.
Map/s Interactive topographical map [AllTrails]
9130-4S Hornsby (1:25K)  Buy / Download
GPS Route Gaia GPS map with option to download GPX / KML file

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