Summary: The Curra Moors Loop is an alternative to doing the full Royal National Park Coast Walk. The circular walk is a shorter option that takes in some of the spectacular coastal scenery. 

Curra Moors is located almost exactly mid-way between Otford Lookout and Bundeena: this circuit lets you access some of the best sections of the much longer Royal National Park Coast Walk. The walk from Sir Bertrand Drive descends gradually toward the coast, initially through forest consisting of scribbly gums and angophoras (where the track may be a little muddy after rain) before opening up to heathland (where the track gets sandier). In Spring there will be lots of wildflowers, including hakeas and waratahs.

Curra Moors track

The track splits into two after about 1.8km, at which point you can do the loop in either direction. Turning left on to the Curra Moors Firetrail (Curra Moors Trail North) and doing the loop in a clockwise direction, means that you meet the Coast Track near Eagle Rock.

Once the firetrail meets the South Coast Track, turn left (north) towards Curracurrong Creek and Eagle Rock. You can see the distinctive Eagle Rock from some distance away.

AWAT2074 LR Hiking the Curra Moors Loop to the iconic Eagle Rock

As you get closer, there’s a great view of Eagle Rock – named for the obvious reason that it looks like an eagle – on the other side of Curracurrong Creek. On a windy day, the waterfall formed by Curracurrong Creek (Curracurrong Falls) blows upwards, back over the top of the cliff.

View from the Curra Moors Loop walk

The track crosses Curracurrong Creek, across a series of large stepping stones.

AWAT2079 LR Hiking the Curra Moors Loop to the iconic Eagle Rock

Downstream of the stepping stones, the creek forms a shallow pool, surrounded by low heath.


Below the main path and these shallow pools is a long overhang. When there hasn’t been much rain, there is a small cascade here, and some sheltered spots under the wide overhang.


If there’s been decent rain, a wide waterfall forms aross the ledge.

AWAT2114 LR 2 Hiking the Curra Moors Loop to the iconic Eagle Rock

For the best view of Curracurrong Falls, continue a short distance further north along the Coast Track, and then head off-track towards Eagle Rock. The top of Eagle Rock is one of the few vantage points from whic you can see the full height of Curracurrong Falls – as well as Curra Brook Waterfall.

AWAT2084 LR Hiking the Curra Moors Loop to the iconic Eagle Rock

From here, return the same way, back over Curracurrong Creek. As you continue south down the Royal National Park Coast Track you’ll soon drop into a small gully, where you cross Curra Brook.

AWAT2127 LR Hiking the Curra Moors Loop to the iconic Eagle Rock

The track follows the coast fairly closely for just over two kilometres, before reaching the Curra Moors Track (South). Continue a few hundred metres beyond the junction to the North Garie headland, for a spectacular view over Garie Beach and down the coast.


Return via the Curra Moors Track (South), which heads inland just before the North Garie headland to complete the loop.

(The loop is generally accessed via the bushwalking track off Sir Bertrand Drive; you can also take the fire trail, which starts a bit further along Sir Bertram Stevens road, and has very limited parking.)

 0.0km Curra Moors trailhead (Sir Bertrand Drive)
 1.7km Curra Moors Track splits (start of loop)
 4.4km Curra Moors Track meets Coast Track
 4.6km Curracurrong Creek
 7.2km Curra Moors Track
       +3.2km return to Garie Beach
 8.4km End of loop (Curra Moor tracks merge)
10.2km Curra Moors trailhead

More information on the Curra Moors Loop

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