Summary: Vera's Grotto Falls is a small but picturesque waterfall nested in a small gully, and reached via a steep walk down the Furber Steps.

Below the Witches Leap waterfall, is Vera’s Grotto Falls (not to to be confused with Vera Falls, which is at Wentworth Falls). The Witches Leap Creek drops in a single column on the upper tiers, before fanning out on the lower rock platform near the bottom.

P1010506 2 rotated Vera's Grotto Falls

The waterfall is hard to photograph in their entirety without a very wide-angle lens, altough the bottom of Vera Falls is the most photegenic. Ferns and semi-rainforest foliage surround the base of the falls.

P1010503 Vera's Grotto Falls

This waterfall is best viewed after some decent rain; although it’s a permanent waterfall, it’s a lot less impressive when the water flow is low.

MG 4495 Vera's Grotto Falls

Getting to Vera’s Grotto Falls

The waterfall is reached via the Furber Steps track from the Katoomba Kiosk or Scenic World (you can also reach them from the bottom by taking the Scenic Railway).

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