Summary: The Taranaki Falls is a picturesque waterfall in Tongariro National Park, where the Wairere Stream tumbles 20m over an old lava flow.

The Taranaki Falls in the Tongariro National Park were formed over 15,000 years ago by a large lava flow which erupted from Mount Ruapehu. The Wairere Stream tumbles 20m through a narrow channel in the edge of the lava flow and into a pool below.

Taranaki Falls

It’s a very picturesque waterfall, with sheer cliffs on both sides, and tall beech forest below.

img 0960 lr Taranaki Falls

Above the falls, the shoulder of the lava flow is covered with red tussock, and the landscape is very open. Behind the Wairere Stream is Mount Ruapehu.

img 0473 lr Taranaki Falls

Below the falls, the stream has eroded a path through tall forest consisting of mountain beech, shiny broadleaf, mountain five-finger, umbrella ferns and mountain toatoa. In a few places, the stream has carved deep gullies, including the Cascade Falls.

img 0488 lr Taranaki Falls

Getting to Taranaki Falls

The Taranaki Falls Walk is a short (6km) and popular loop walk from Whakapapa village that visits the waterfall. If you do the Tongariro Northern Circuit, you’ll also pass the top of the falls. The loop walk takes you to the top and bottom of the falls; the best views are from the base of the falls.

IMG 0479 LR Taranaki Falls

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