Summary: Leura Falls is a spectacular, 30-metre high waterfall along Leura Falls Creek. It's accessed via a bushwalk using the Federal Pass and Lindeman Pass tracks.

Athough Leura Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfalls around Leura, it gets a lot less visitors than many of the other waterfalls, being a bit harder to reach. The waterfall is downstream of the popular Leura Cascades, on Leura Falls Creek, and there is a fairly good track up to the base of the waterfall.

Below the 30 metre drop of the main waterfall, there are some smaller cascades.

Along the creek below the waterfall are remnants of the sewerage pipes that transported effluent down to the Leura Sewage Treatment Works in the valley below. Some concrete blocks and a manhole cover can still be seen. The old sewerage scheme was dismantled in the 1990s.

Getting to Leura Falls

The most direct way to reach Leura Falls is frmo Cliff Avenue in Leura via the Federal Pass track (this is also called the Fern Bower Track), which descends from the Prince Henry Track through Fern Bower and past Lila Falls.

Once you reach the junction with the Amphitheatre Track, stay on the Federal Pass. After a few hundred metres, turn left onto to the Lindeman Pass track.

The trail is fairly obvious up to the base of Leura Falls; beyond the waterfall the trail is less obvious, but it continues another 7km (past Gordon Falls) to the Roberts Pass track. Return the same way, or take the Amphitheatre Track to go back via the Leura Cascades.

The start of the trail at Leura is about a 1:40min drive from Sydney via the M4 and Great Western Highway (A32) or 10in from Kartoomba Parking can be limited along Cliff Drive, especially on weekends; Kiah Lookout is the closest access point, but you can park anywhere in the area and follow the signs for the Prince Henry Cliff Walk (the Federal Pass track is off the Prince Henry Cliff Walk).

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